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Five Common Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Short Sales

short sale questionsUnfortunately, many homeowners get misinformation or very incorrect and misleading information regarding short sales from their friends, on the web or even other agents.

Here is the most common questions our clients have asked:

Q: I hear short sales are a huge hassle and seldom work.

A: I work on short sales with my clients every day.  They felt like the paperwork and extra effort involved might not be worth it.  But they found that once we had successful closings, it was worth the hassle and better than losing their homes to foreclosure.


Q: I can’t afford to pay my mortgage, how can I afford to pay you?

A: The downturn in the economy has affected us all.  Many of my clients felt the same way you do.  But they found that in a short sales situation, the lender typically pays for the closing costs including realtor fees,  in order to sell the property, enabling you to hire me with no bottom line cost to you.


Q: I want to wait and see what happens, my situation isn’t that bad because I’m still current.

A: Many of my clients were still current when they began working with me.  They felt their savings would last long enough to hold off the inevitable or until the market shifts.  But they found the reality is if you can’t pay your mortgage or there’s no shift in the market it’s better to be proactive with the lender than continue to waste their resources on a lost cause.

Q: I’m going into foreclosure in a few months or weeks, I don’t have time for a short sale.

A: I’ve had clients in the same situation you’re in right now. They felt there was no time to sell their home, either.  But they found that if we communicated with the lender, there is a good chance they would grant an extension and were able to postpone foreclosure and sell the house.

Q: I hear short sales affect your credit the same as foreclosure

Many of my clients have heard the same thing. They felt that if the damage to their credit was going to be the same it wasn’t worth the trouble. But they found after a successful closing that the credit consequences of a short sale don’t last nearly as long as foreclosure.

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