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Free Webinar Provided By My Short Sale Attorneys!

Chris McLaughlin, Florida attorney and short sale expert, and Ron Ballard, The California Short Sale Lawyer, will demystify the fog surrounding national issues of legality and fraud in short sales on Wednesday, July 28 at 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern, in a LIVE webinar.

Ron Ballard

Chris McLaughlin

Wednesday’s webinar will be great for investors, real estate brokers, agents, and even lawyers and regulators. This will likely be the first of a two part series. They will lay the legal foundations in this webinar and apply the principles more specifically in a follow-up webinar.

Please invite ALL Realtors and attorneys that you know.  If you have a board attorney for your local MLS and/or Realtor board, please invite them to watch this webinar… it will help us spread the word as to what is fraud and what isn’t fraud.

Here’s some issues they will cover:

  1. Building up from the basics: what does someone mean when they say a real estate investing strategy is “illegal”? What SHOULD they mean?
  2. How do you respond when someone demands that you show them that investor-based quick turn short sales are legal?
  3. Do you know the different “flavors” of fraud?
  4. Can an investor risk fraud even if all statements of fact are true?
  5. What examples does the FBI use to educate the industry about fraud in short sales?

Short sale quick turns will remain an attractive business strategy for at least two more years, but many regulators are getting concerned about potential fraud. Innocent investors could unwittingly get caught in their net. If you want to operate your short sale business with confidence, you’ll make firm time in your calendar for a fresh look at how “The Law” affects short sales.

Join us Wednesday:

To mutual success!

Jim McNinch
Trademark Loss Mitigation

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